What You Can Count on When Working 



What You Can Count on When Working  with Ingrao Associates:

  • A solid, professional network that encompasses our company, the author(s), and the in-house team members from editorial, production, design, illustration, marketing, and manufacturing. Compositor and printer collaboration and daily communication is emphasized and encouraged.

  • An appreciation and understanding of the publishing process from manuscript submission through developmental modifications as a creative endeavor that is shared by the author, acquisitions editor, and copy editor.  Our primary goal is to prepare the product for the marketplace, thereby encouraging successful sales and positive feedback from adopters.

  • A partnership with the professor, supporting him or her through dissertation, journal, or article completion and submission for publication.  When requested, we offer appropriate editorial responses to reviewer feedback.

  • A schedule plan at the beginning of the project that allows for unexpected contingencies.  Such contingency plans are shared and reviewed with the client at the beginning of the project.

  • Support and guidance for the author at all times.  Technical advice and problem-solving methods are provided to ensure adherence to quality control requirements.  Accuracy in the details must not be lost to the process.