Project Management


Encompasses a broad range of responsibilities to the client.  Flexibility, quick thinking, and the experience to deal with unexpected challenges are crucial to keeping projects on track.  The best project manager embraces these responsibilities and enjoys the process of forming a tight-knit team that is fully committed to achieving a timely and successful completion of the established objectives.  This process requires strong leadership and creative problem-solving skills, including the ability to motivate, guide, and inspire the team while inviting and integrating their input, as appropriate, throughout all production phases.

Backed by our 40 years of experience, Ingrao Associates comprises all of these standards and values.  The commitment to their fulfillment is our philosophical objective. We believe in a continual, consistent, and persistent focus on the writing process in conjunction with production.  Over the years, we have proven our ability to set and maintain a schedule in consultation with the author, while simultaneously building in flexibility to accommodate unexpected plan deviations.

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