It's All in the Details 


Feature You Need

  • Develop raw manuscript content directly with author and/ or in-house DE; prepare for submission to publisher.

  • Pull sample page material from manuscript; prepare (edit and code per specifications) for designer or compositor.

  • Copy edit manuscript received for production (file or hard copy edits); manage the review process with the author to finalize the content for composition.

  • Proof read all client specified page proof stages (files or hard copy).

  • Create and monitor weekly (or as specified by the client) complete production schedule for the author(s), in-house project team, compositor, digital service provider, and printer (if relevant) as a detailed timeframe and guide indicating the project’s status.  Client is contacted immediately regarding schedule deviations.

  • Daily technical support and guidance for the author.

  • Coordinate illustration and photo programs as prescribed by client's policy.

  • In conjunction with professor, in-depth pre-submission review of journal and dissertation manuscript; submit revisions suggestions; file formatting; edit their responses to market reviews.

Features & Responsibilities

  • We will examine closely all budgeting parameters and advise the client of unanticipated factors that may potentially alter the original estimate.

  • We will provide regular status reports to the author(s), in-house team, compositor, digital media vendor, and printer on an as-requested schedule.

  • We will coordinate illustration and photo programs, and collaborate directly with outside studios if preferred by client.

  • If feasible, we will attend onsite launch meetings at client’s request.  We are always available for phone sessions at the client’s convenience.

  • We will render suggestions for appropriate responses to miscellaneous corporate correspondence upon request.  All such information is always handled on a confidential basis.


Digital Media

  • Ingrao Associates can provide meticulous onsite digital content development, copy editing, proof reading, and preliminary and subsequent instructional file testing and feedback to the increasing number of companies and organizations which are venturing into the global enterprise of digital media.

  • Our veteran editorial services team will carefully manage all quality control requirements throughout the stages of market development and apply highly efficient techniques in refining online learning platform content.

  • We will work closely with your content editor, production editor, and marketing staff as we work through and complete your clients’ online projects in virtually any field (e.g., publisher, advertiser, financial).

  • We appreciate the critical need for timely, accurate results.  All activities are planned and regularly examined within the context of schedule adherence as they may interface with the other project components.